Thursday, December 20, 2007

Quick Hits

Well the Steak, Crab & Curry show is on Hiatus until the end of February...but I will stick around via blog to give some opinions and thoughts on the sports world...

Some quick hits and thoughts:

Bill Parcells signs to be the VP of Football Operations of the Dolphins...whatever that means...I give him 3 years MAX before he is gone.

Coaches need to learn respect in football. It appears the whole concept of a contract does not exist anymore. Bobby Petrino never had the respect of his players in Atlanta and I'm not sure he is going to succeed in Arkansas either.

The Patriots will lose 17-13 to the 'Phins this weekend....I'm just thinking outloud.

Really T.O.? You have stooped this low to go after Jessica Simpson because of Romo's terrible game on Sunday?

Yes, the Celtics are THAT good...easy schedule or not.

Chris Paul and Deron Williams will be some of the best point guards in NBA recent history.

Yes, the Heat are THAT bad...too old and to reliabe on D-Wade.

When the Blazers get Greg Oden next year, they will be scary. A rotation of LaMarcus Aldridge, Greg Oden, and Channing Frye up front with Brandon Roy scoring is nice.

The Dodgers will win the NL West this season.

The Devil Rays will not finish last in the AL East this season.

Roger Clemens is as big of a jerk as Barry Bonds.

Ed Wade is a terrible GM and has quickly traded the whole farm system of the Astros for a nut case like Valverde and a washed-up Miguel Tejada.

Ohio State will be crushed once again in the BCS Championship by another SEC team.

What has happened to the Florida State football program?

...til next time