Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Sorry for the postless month as I have returned back to school and have been working on my radio show and school blog.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Cleaning Up the Mess...

It is that time of week to once again bring to you the lastest signings, trades, and quarterback controversies!

On with the cleanup...

* The Miami Dolphins will name Chad Pennington opening day starter at QB
* The 49ers will name JT O'Sullivan their starting quarterback
* More quarterbacks news! The Cardinals are reportdely going to name Kurt Warner their starter
* Giants DE Osi Umenyiora will be out for the season, and talk of Michael Strahan coming back has already begun
* Bengals Wide Receiver Chad 'Ocho Cinco' Johnson has a partial labrum tear
* Tom Brady is expected to start opening week for the Patriots, and why wouldn't he?
* The Falcons have signed veteran tight end Marcus Pollard
* The Atlanta Falcons have named Matt Ryan their starting quarterback

* The Phoenix Suns have traded guard DJ Strawberry to the Houston Rockets for Sean Singletary
* The Dallas Mavericks have re-signed swingman Devean George
* The 76ers signed big man Theo Ratliff
* OK City has waived sniper Donyell Marshall
* Nuggets have re-signed JR Smith to a multi-year deal
* The Celtics are taking a chance and signing Darius Miles
* Veteran guard Michael Finley has re-signed with the San Antonio Spurs

* Eddie Guardado has returned to the Minnesota Twins because of a trade with the Texas Rangers
* Mets pitcher John Maine's season may be over
* Kip Wells has signed with the KC Royals
* Mets have signed reliever Al Reyes
* The Astros have signed infielder Jose Castillo
* The Braves are bringing starter Rodrigo Lopez in after almost a year off

Anything I missed?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Beijing Olympics Coming to a Close

Well the 2008 Olympics are coming to a close with the closing ceremony today in Beijing. The Olympic committee will hand off the games to the 2012 Home, London and from what I have read Beckham will be in the building! Woo!

I must admit that going into the games I was not all that thrilled and excited for the games to begin, I was more occupied with the kickoff of NFL training camps and baseball pennant races. Not to mention the ongoing controversy about Tibet, the Olympic torch, and the initial sad note that the games began on with a heartless attack.

But thanks to many storylines and Olympic figures I became hooked and began setting the DVR every night to make sure I would catch all those story lines and games unfold throughout the 2+ week span.

Like many Americans, a swimmer named Michael Phelps from Baltimore initially captured my attention. Every race Phelps was in seemed to be a World Record and whether it be Phelps dominating the competition or winning by a fingernail, I was engaged. Michael Phelps, a perfect 8 for 8 in Gold Medals with 7 World Records to go along with it, came and went and I was wondering what story line or athlete would capture my attention next.

Naturally, being a basketball guru that I am, I was also interested in the Redeem Team. Thankfully they were doing as they were supposed to do and blowing out the competition. Early on they put it to Spain and Greece, two potential roadblocks. The team then went on to defeat the Aussies, Argentines, and Spanish can re-capture and essentially Redeem themselves as the kings of the hardwood and win the Gold Medal. I was very impressed by this unit and unfortunatly I do have to give some props to Coack K (ughh) for his job as coach. Dwayne Wade was able to show the World what he is capable of when he is healthy. Chris Paul and Deron Williams are proof that they are the new up and coming point guards of the league. Chris Bosh played exceptionally well defense with Dwight Howard patrolling the middle. Oh yeah, Lebron, Kobe, and Carmelo played pretty well also.

So what else caught my attention? Well a man named Usain Bolt from the island of Jamaica did the trick. I could not get over how incredible this guy was! Bolt is a 6'5'' sprinter who made a laughing matter out of three races. When a sprinter is able to taunt and showboat on a 100 meter race, that is incredible. It is typically a 10 second race and there is rarely any time to display any taunting. I was a big fan of Bolt and happy to see him set 3 world records with 3 gold medals.

What other story lines took place? Well there was the US Track & Field team who some would say struggled and failed to live up to the expectations. Tyson Gay failed to qualify and you had both of the 4X100 meter teams of men and women fail to qualify. However, the US Track and Field team was still able to land 7 Gold Medals.

You also had the controversy over the Chinese Women's Gymnastics team. The age of some of the winners were being questioned after they had defeated the U.S. and Russia and there were reports that one of the girls as only 13 years old. There was also the domination of Walsh/May-Treanor in the women's beach volleyball, the shocking upset of the U.S. softball squad, and the baseball team winning the bronze medal.

As we hand over the 2012 Summer Olympics to London and Beckham, I will say that I did enjoy the games this year and the coverage.

What for you are the top storylines of the Beijing Games? Was it the Redeem Team, Bolt, Phelps, Track, Chinese Gymnastics, Beach Volleyball or the opening and closing ceremonies?

Do Comment Below!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Top 10: Most Successful Active Coaches/Managers

Well I figured it has been a little while since I rolled out a Top 10 countdown, so it was time to compose another list for some banter and debate.

This time I have decided to take a look at the Top 10 active coaches and managers in the world of sports right now. I must be honest and say I do not know enough NHL coaches to include them in the countdown. This list includes guys from the NBA, NFL, and MLB.

So without further stalling, let's countdown...

10. Terry Francona ~ Boston Red Sox ~ 2 World Series Titles

09. Lou Pinella ~ Chicaco Cubs ~ 1 World Series Title

08. Jerry Sloan ~ Utah Jazz ~ 2 time Western Conference Champ

07. Tony LaRussa ~ St. Louis Cardinals ~ 2 World Series Titles

06. Larry Brown ~ Charlotte Bobcats ~ 1 NBA Title, 1 NCAA Title

05. Bobby Cox ~ Atlanta Braves ~ 1 World Series Title

04. Bill Belicheck ~ New England Patriots ~ 3 Super Bowl Titles

03. Greg Popovich ~ San Antonio Spurs ~ 4 NBA Titles

02. Joe Torre ~ Los Angeles Dodgers ~ 4 World Series Titles

01. Phil Jackson ~ Los Angeles Lakers ~ 9 NBA Titles

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pitching Galore!

Not much content to this post, but I thought I would point out that impressive list of starting pitchers who will be taking the hill tonight. Here are some of the studs who will be dazzling tonight:

* Cliff Lee (Cle) 17-2 - 2.43 ERA - vs. Kansas City

* Roy Halladay (Tor) 14-9 - 2.64 ERA - vs. NY Yankees

* John Lackey (LAA) 10-2 - 3.22 ERA - vs. Minnesota

* Carlos Zambrano (ChC) 12-5 - 3.38 ERA - vs. Cincinatti

* Brandon Webb (Ari) 18-4 - 2.85 ERA - vs. San Diego

Interesting to note that all of these pitchers will be pitching at home.

Other notables: Jamie Moyer (Phil), Pedro Martinez (NYM), Derek Lowe (LAD)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Michael Phelps

Olympics madness! Have you caught it?

I sure did for a little while at least. What Michael Phelps did in the pool was in-humane, actually it was more amphibian like than anything resembling a mammal. The point is, Phelps won 8 Gold Medals, and brought 7 world records while at it! Incredible!

The ratings proved how much attention Phelps was receiving and deservedly so. True statement, I was at the Borgata in AC on Friday evening when Phelps was going for Gold medal #7, and honest to God the whole casion stopped to watch and eventually cheer when Mr. Phelps won.

However, the attention of the Olympics has dipped a bit since Phelps' magical run has ended and he is back in the States. Sure, people still care about the Redeem Team, who have advanced to the semifinals of the Olympics and are looking pretty good so far.

The one gripe I do have with the Olympic coverage is the difficulty I have finding the events I want to watch. For example, this morning I was all ready to see the Bolt figure from Jamaica set another World Record in the 200 meter at about 10:20am, but only to find out that it was not broadcasted. Several sports updates and websites later I found out that he did indeed break the record.

Well there goes all that drama!

I want to leave you with this question, Is Michael Phelps the Sportsman of the Year?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cleaning Up the Mess...

A day late, but not a dollar short! Come one, come all it is time to clean up the mess that the past week has left us!

On to the cleanup...


- The Atlanta Falcons released WR Joe Horn, Horn mentioned he wanted to play in Dallas or Philly
- The New England Patriots released 36 year old TE Marcus Pollard
- The Bengals have brought back the recently released receiver Chris Henry (who has his own mugshot to hold onto)
- The Chicago Bears have decided that Kyle Orton will be their starting quarterback
- Quarterback injuries All -around! Tarvaris Jackson, Tom Brady, Derek Anderson, Peyton Manning.
- The New Orleans Saints signed safety Lance Schulters

- The Los Angeles Dodgers are set to acquire Greg Maddux from the Padres
- The Reds have released catcher David Ross, who has drawn interest from the Red Sox and the Phillies
The KC Royals signed pitcher Kip Wells to a minor league contract
- Tom Glavine's career may be decided by Dr. James Andrews
- The Mets acquired pitcher Luis Ayala from division partner Washington Nationals

- Former NBA All-Star Shawn Kemp has resurfaced by signing with an Italian League professional team
- Ex-Sun Gordan Giricek has signed on to play international ball in Turkey
- The Clippers re-signed big man center Paul Davis
- Goran Dragic, the Suns 2nd round pick, was in Phoenix for a physical and it looks like he will sign to play this season

I promise more posts to come soon. I do apologize for the lack of posts recently!

U S A ! U S A !

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Messy Leftovers...

Well since the original weekly column dealing with the mess, there have been a few more notes out there. Let me quickly post those updates:

* The Boston Red Sox acquired pitcher Paul Byrd from the Cleveland Indians for a player to be named later

* Detroit Tigers placed DH Gary Sheffield on waivers

* The Detroit Tigers made more news by signing pitcher Freddy Garcia to a minor league deal

* The 76ers and Andre Iguodala reportdely agreed to a 6 year 80 million dollar deal

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympics !!

Well well well, the Olympics are in full swing and I must admit I went from a "who cares" mentality to a "When is Tyson Gay racing the Jamaicans in the 100 meter race" mindset.

Maybe it was the Brett Favre saga that sucked all the media out of the great Summer games or maybe it was because NFL training camp was beginning? The Olympics in my opinion definitely snuck under the radar and have finally captured the attention they deserved.

I did miss the Opening Ceremonies on Friday night but was able to DVR and catch it later on and I must say they were amazing! Over 15,000 performers took part in the ceremonies and did not fail to entertain.

I know that watching the Olympics through the eye of NBC, you really only get an American perspective on everything and all of the back stories, but so what? The U.S. is currently atop the medal charts battling it out with China.

So far, Michael Phelps has captured the attention of the average fan and for example myself. I can't until the next swimming race to see if Phelps can continue on his quest for 8 gold medals. At last count he is 3 for 3 in 3 world record breaking performances. Unbelievable!

The women's beach volleyball team of Walsh and May-Treanor, who won the gold in Athens in 2004, have also been putting on spectacular performances and had me watching most of their match against the Cubans.

I also can not forget the Redeem Team, who is currently 2-0 after putting on a clinic against the host team, China and Angola. They will have some tougher challenges ahead when facing Greece, Spain, and Germany. I think the team will be alright, but they definitely need to work on the outside shooting, which has been awful so far.

It should be an entertaining 2+ weeks and stay tuned as I will continue to give my thoughts on the Summer Games!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Cleaning Up the Mess...

Well it is Monday (as of the start of this post), so it must be time to round up some of the top news and notes items of the past week from a busy time in sports!

Let's dive into the headline makers from the past week...


* Did you hear that Brett Favre was traded to the Jets? A trade that seemed to have gone under the radar... (sarcasm)
* As a result of this Favre guy, the Jets cut Chad Pennington and proceeded to sign with the Miami Dolphins
* Safety Adam Archuleta signed a deal with the Oakland Raiders
* The Pittsburgh Steelers signed QB Byron Leftwhich to backup BIG Ben
* The 49ers signed line backer Takeo Spikes
* After a 17 day absence, Shawn Andrews reported to Eagles training camp
* Seahawks wide receiver Bobby Engram will be out 6-8 weeks with a cracked shoulder bone
* Willis McGahee will miss 2-4 weeks with knee surgery


* The Atlanta Hawks matched the deal Josh Smith signed with the Memphis Grizzlies and signed him long-term
* 76ers 2nd year center Jason Smith tore his ACL and will most likely be out for the season
* Team USA took care of business in the opening game and defeated host country, China
* The Clippers signed veteran point guard Jason Williams


* The Orioles traded reliever Chad Bradford to the Tampa Bay Rays, and DFA's Al Reyes
* The Cubs traded reliever Scott Eyre to the Philadelphia Phillies
* The St. Louis Cardinals signed infielder Felipe Lopez, formerly of the Nationals
* The Royals traded pitcher Horacio Ramirez to the Chicago White Sox
* The Mariners released DH Jose Vidro
* The Florida Marlines signed catcher Paul Lo Duca
* The Rays placed both Evan Longoria and Carl Crawford on the DL, activate OF Rocco Baldelli
* The Blue Jays released outfielder Shannon Stewart
* BIG NEWS!! -- The Cincinnati Reds traded outfielder Adam Dunn to the Arizona Diamondbacks for 3 minor leaguers

* Paddy Harrington won the PGA Championship, making it back to back majors for Harrington
* Michael Phelps is a perfect 3 for 3 so far in the Olympics in his quest for 8 Gold Medals
* The Olympics Open Ceremonies were on 08/08/08 and started the games off with a bang

Anything I missed??