Sunday, March 2, 2008

NBA Contract Buyouts

There has been a new trend in the NBA over the last few years and it has been the "contract buyout". Let me begin by saying that I have a big gripe with this.

When has it become acceptable for a player to demand a buyout so he can go to a different team? When a player is under contract, they should have to fulfill their contract, no matter how crappy a team is!

For example, last season Chris Webber was disgruntled with the 76ers, negotiated a huge monetary buyout and one week later is playing on a championship contending team, the Detroit Pistons! Excuse me, but i don't care how much service time you have "C-Webb" or your desire to play for a contending team, but you fulfill your duties.

Several players have found themselves in a situation this season that has involved the buyout. Jamal Magloire (from NJ to Dallas), Brent Barry (Seattle to SA again), Flip Murray (Detroit to Indiana). However, the most notable situation has been SAM I AM CASSELL.

Cassell has been lobbying for a buyout for several weeks now so that he can sign with Boston to make another run at a championship. Cassell was satisfied when the Clips were making a playoff push 2 years, but since has soured on the team. I don't wanna hear that he is nearing the end of his career and wants to make another run at a ring with the PGA Tour (Pierce-Garnett-Allen), who also just signed PJ Brown for the stretch run, because he already has two rings from his early days with the Rockets!

Personally, I think the whole "buyout" phase needs to end soon, and the least thing a player can do is honor his contract.

...til next time