Thursday, August 7, 2008

Top 10: Players Traded in '08

I have to say that so far in the year of 2008, I have never seen so many all-star and hall of fame caliber talents traded in one year. The NBA Trade Deadline was one of the most craziest time periods in NBA history. The months of June and July in baseball saw a lot of surprise teams and players make moves. And the NFL saw two of the best players in the league get moved to different conferences.

Let's take a look at the Top 10 Players Traded in the year 2008 so far!
(This list is based on the credentials each player had at the time of the trade)

10. Paul Gasol -- Memphis Grizzlies --> Los Angeles Lakers

09. Mike Bibby -- Sacramento Kings --> Atlanta Hawks

08. Ron Artest -- Sacramento Kings --> Houston Rockets

07. CC Sabathia -- Cleveland Indians --> Milwaukee Brewers

06. Jason Kidd -- New Jersey Nets --> Dallas Mavericks
05. Jason Taylor -- Miami Dolphis --> Washington Redskins

04. Ken Griffey Jr. -- Cincinnati Reds --> Chicago White Sox
03. Shaq O'Neal -- Miami Heat --> Phoenix Suns

02. Manny Ramirez -- Boston Red Sox --> Los Angeles Dodgers

01. Brett Favre -- Green Bay Packers --> New York Jets

Honorable Mentions: Ben Wallace (Chi-->Cle), Jason Bay (Pitt-->Bos), Rich Harden (Oak-->CHC), Jeremy Shockey (NYG-->N.O.)



Jay Glazier of broke the story and has the scoop. The deal is believed to be for a draft pick in the 2009 Draft that could escalate up to a 1st Round Pick. This deal will also most certainly mean that Chad Pennington's time with the Jets is done. According to Glazier, both team did in fact confirm the deal through seperate press releases.

You can read the full article here.

UPDATE: Well the deal is done and the Brett Favre saga is over, or is it? Favre is scheduled to attend the Jets and the Browns preseason game tonight and obviously won't be playing but wants to check out his new squad.

The Packers accomplished their goal of getting him out of the NFC and especially the Minnesota Vikings. The deal is also pretty hefty if the Jets did decide to re-route Favre to the Vikings. The pick that the Packers will receive from the Jets will work like this,

"According to the NFL Network, if Favre takes 50 percent of total snaps with the Jets in 2008, the fourth-rounder becomes a third-round pick. If he gets 70 percent of the snaps and the Jets make the playoffs, it becomes a second-round pick. If he gets 80 percent of snaps and the Jets make the Super Bowl, it becomes a first-round pick."

I don't know if this will make the New York Jets a playoff team because when you look at the AFC you have to think that the Pats, Colts, Chargers, Jags, and at least an AFC North team. The Jets did indeed load up on the veterans this offseason, but I don't really think the offensive weapons in New York are that significantly better than they were in Green Bay.

Once again I ask, What happens to the Madden cover due to come out in less than a week!?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Cut on Brett Favre

OK, so I have stalled long enough and avoided the issue and subject for long enough. It is finally time to talk about #4 and Mr. Brett Favre. In a story that seems to take on a new twist and turn every day, it also seems to get more and more annoying every single minute.

I have never really been a fan of Brett Favre, mainly because these retirement talks seem to pop up every offseason for the past 3 or 4 years, much like Roger Clemens in baseball. I sure do respect him as a player, but at the same time I do feel he is a bit overrated. Sure, he has a ton of records and obviously he is a first-ballot hall of famer, but in relative terms to all the hype he is given, I think he has a tough time cracking the top 5 all-time QBs in NFL history (for the record, I think Joe Montana, Johnny Unitas, Dan Marino, John Elway and then a toss-up between Favre/Young/Brady/Manning/Staubach/Tarkenton/etc.).

Let's go through a quick time-line of Favre events, courtesy of one of my favorite writers Gene Wojciechowski:

January 20: Brett Favre throws an interception to end the Packers season
March 6: Favre conducts retirement news conference and cries throughout
April 3: Denies rumors of a comeback
April 4: Agent reportedly contacts teams to gauge trade interest
April 9: Says he might consider comeback if opportunity was presented
June 20: Favre tells coach Mike McCarthy he may want to play again
July 2: Favre says reports of return were "all rumor"
July 6: Sends text message to Packers GM Ted Thompson
July 8: Favre asks for release with understanding he won't be starter
July 11: Packers receive letter from Favre formally requesting release
July 16: Packers file tampering charges with NFL against Vikings
July 19: Returns to Lambeau Field to attend Packers Hall of Fame ceremony
July 25: Favre tells Packers he plans to report to training camp
July 29: Faxes reinstatement request to NFL
July 30: Meets with Packers president Mark Murphy in Mississippi
July 31: Favre offered $25 million to not report to camp
Aug. 3: NFL commissioner Roger Goodell reinstates Favre, Favre flies to Green Bay

Aug. 4: Brett Favre meets with coach McCarthy for over 5 hours to discuss the circumstances
Aug 5: Favre and McCarthy meet again and Brett claims, "the best thing... is for us to part ways" / McCarthy says Favre is not in the proper mindset to lead the Packers

So where to go from here?

Well according to, there are some serious talks going on between the Green Bay Packers and the Tampa Bay Bucs about a possible trade that would send Favre to the Bucs. Favre is apparently also warming to the idea of playing for Tampa Bay, which would also mean that Jeff Garcia would have to test the free agent market. (According to, they claim this deal is done?!)

So who is the villian in this situation? Good question because an argument can be made for both sides. Is it fair that Brett Favre has continuously yo-yo'd the Packers franchise, coaches, and players? Is it fair that Mike McCarthy would make Brett Favre have to compete with Aaron Rodgers in a QB competition?

The whole situation is weird and awkward when it comes down to it. Brett Favre did end last season as the team's #1 quarterback and did have his best season in a number of years.

Where do I stand on the subject? Well my goal to try and cherish the last season of Favre and the magical run the Packers had last season, has easily left my memory. I am SICK of the stories, rumors, and twists that all come along with this saga. You know there are 31 other teams in the NFL that are playing this season, right? Now never having retired from a professional sports league, it is hard for me to put myself in Favre's timberland boots, but for the sake of everyone after that emotional circus he put on last March, what caused him to change his mind?!

What if Brett comes back, stays with the Packers, and they go 1-3 in the team's first 4 games? The season is probably shot, the Pakcers will want to move on to Rodgers and the Favre situation will continue to surface. He could just easily be as good as last year, sure, but when it comes down to it, he is 39 years old!

So what should the Packers do? Release him? Nah, then he'll go to the Vikings naturally. Trade him? He only really wants to go to Minnesota, but has apparently warmed up to the idea of Tampa Bay. Other teams rumored have been Baltimore, New York Jets, and the Bears.

I do also feel sorry for Rodgers. Sure, no one knows if he can play, but how will anyone find out until he gets some playing time. Everyone is quick to say that Rodgers is no Favre. How do we know this? Yes, it is a pretty lofty goal, but what if Rodgers goes to 6 or 7 Pro Bowls and takes the Packers deep into the playoffs. Will anyone complain?

I have no clue what will happen with this Favre~Saga, but all that I ask is that it ends soon! For the sanity of every NFL fan, let's go Brett!

The real question is, what if Brett Favre is traded? What happens to the Madden 2009 cover?!

What do YOU think will happen with Favre? Comment below!

Manny Being Manny

In a hilarious Sportscenter commercial about ManRam, ESPN lets Manny BE Manny.

Hope You enjoyed that!

**By the way, did anyone notice the bottomline mentioned all Manny News??

Cleaning Up the Mess...

So it is Monday, and that means it is time to Clean all the leftovers aka the mess from the week that was...


- The Carolina Panthers suspended WR Steve Smith for 2 Games because of his fight with CB Ken Lucas during Training Camp

- Denver Broncos WR Brandon Marshall was suspended for 3 Games because of the league's personal conduct policy

- Ocho Cinco returned to full practice for th Bengals

- Brett Favre was reinstated!! ( a post to come on that subject)

- Packers RB Ryan Grant signed a 4-Year $30 Million Dollar deal

- The Redskins defeated the Colts 30-16 in the 2008 Hall of Fame Game

- Art Monk and Darrell Green were among inductees into the '08 Class


- Sixers Guard Lou Williams resigned with the Sixers for 5 years and $25 million

- Ex-Magic Guard Carlos Arroyo went European and signed with an Israeli team

- Mavericks forward Josh Howard was arrested in a drag racing incident

- Luol Deng signed a 6 Year, $72-80 Million Dollar deal

- Disgraced referee Tim Donaghy was sentenced to 15 months in prison


- The Trade Deadline came and went, check out the previous "Trader Rater" posts for all that dirt

- The Yankees signed P Victor Zambrano to a minor league deal

- 3B Eric Chavez is out for the season

- P Tim Hudson is also probably out for the season

- The Red Sox offered a minor league contract to P Joe Borowski
- Prince Fielder and Manny Parra got into a scuffle in the dugout which prompted a tag team match at Summerslam -- Prince Fielder & Ken Lucas versus Manny Parra & Steve Smith


- The Coaches Poll came out and the Georgie Bulldogs are ranked #1

- Rafa Nadal will become number 1 in the Tennis rankings in the upcoming weeks

- Big Brown won his race at the Haskell Invitational

- Carl Edwards won the Pocono 400

- Vijay Singh won the Bridgestone Invitational

- Brit Andy Murray won the Cincinnati Masters

Anything I missed??

Monday, August 4, 2008

Top 10: National Play by Play Announcers

One of the great baseball play by play announcers, Skip Caray, who was the announcer for the Atlanta Braves and son of Harry Caray, passed away yesterday. I figured the next installment of the Top 10 should be dedicated to the Top 10 Play by Play announcers on a national level.

First let me mention a couple of my favorite play by play announcers in baseball as some Honorable Mentions: Vin Scully (Dodgers), Harry Kalas (Phillies), and Bob Uecker (Brewers).

On with the countdown!...

10. Bob Costas --> NBC/HBO -- Olympics

09. John Miller --> ESPN -- Major League Baseball

08. Brad Nessler --> ESPN/ABC -- College Football, College Basketball

07. Mike Breen --> ESPN/ABC -- NBA

06. Brent Musberger --> ESPN/ABC -- College Football, NASCAR, NBA, Little League World Series

05. Marv Albert --> TNT/NFL Westwood Radio -- NBA, NFL

04. Joe Buck --> Fox -- MLB, NFL

03. Jim Nantz --> CBS -- The Masters, College Basketball, NFL

02. Mike Tirico --> ABC/ESPN -- The Masters, Monday Night Football, NBA

01. Al Michaels --> NBC -- NFL

Steve Nash & Baron Davis

I thought I would pass along this pretty entertaining video a buddy of mine pointed out on Youtube. It's a knock off of the new movie StepBrothers, but it features Steve Nash and Baron Davis instead of John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell.