Thursday, November 1, 2007

Green Kool*Aid

Don't Sip the Kool*Aid on the Boston Celtics this year!

Before the Celtics tip off their season, I just want to put it out there that I am not going to sip on that green kool-aid, celtic flavor. I do not think the Celtics will win the NBA Championship, nor do I think they will win the East. Sure, the Celtics will be a tough team to play against, but they draw similar comparisons to the '03-'04 LA Lakers. The Lakers team that included Kobe, Shaq, Karl Malone,and Gary Payton.

That Laker squad did not have any real role players and way to many egos to do anything with that team. Sure, they made it to the Finals, but lost 4 - 1 to the Detroit Pistons, who were a much better TEAM. Talent-Wise the Lakers were much better, but didn't mesh very well.

THe one thing that could set the Celtics apart this season is the different types of superstars they have this season. Kevin Garnett, does not need to score every possession to be happy, and is one of the most unselfish players in the NBA. Ray Allen, is the perfect example of someone to kick the ball out to to hit open 3's all day when KG is double teamed. Paul Pierce is the definition of a slasher. What is missing from the equation? A pass-first PG and role players. Don't even tell me Scot Pollard and Eddie House are going to make a difference. I do agree that James Posey was a good signing as a defensive stopper. But Rajon Rondo?! If I were the Celtics I would look for a player that has some experience and is a known pass first guy.

The Celtics will be a very tough team this year, but I'm just saying DONT SIP THE KOOL*AID....just yet at least.

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