Sunday, January 20, 2008



INITIAL THOUGHT: With the temperature at gametime projecting to be about 0 degrees with a wind chill of -25 degrees, it could be an interesting game to watch and it is the way playoff football should be played.

SECOND THOUGHT: With how cold it is going to be, the game should be focused on the running games of Brandon Jacobs and Ryan Grant, but it would not surprise me if Brett Favre has another magical game and throws for a couple of touchdowns.

X-FACTOR: As mentioned earlier, the x-factors for each team will be the running backs, Jacobs and Grant. Whichever team can run the ball more effectively should be in a pretty good position to win this game. With Grant's performance last week and the size of Jacobs, I think both running backs should have strong games.

KEY MATCHUP: Eli Manning versus the secondary of the Packers. Which persona of Eli will show up for the game? Al Harris has elevated his game to be one of the best corners in the league and the matchup of Al-Ha and Plaxico Burress should also be something to watch.

PREDICTION: Packers - 31 Giants - 24

FINAL THOUGHT: I am still not a true believer in Tom Coughlin, but he has certainly earned himself a contract extention because of his improvements coaching and with the team. The Giants have just as good a chance to win this game, (even though I have countlessly written them bad), but something about Favre getting another shot at the Super Bowl seems fitting.

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broseph said...

How 'bout them Giants?

And yes, I did enjoy that consistent one-on-one matchup of Al and Plaxico. I think it's obvious who got the best out of that one.

How do you feel about Eli not only winning more playoffs games than his older bro this year, but also reaching Super Sunday before him?

Will the doubters finally be silenced?