Thursday, March 27, 2008


Due to a Spring Break hiatus and vacay to Acapulco Mexico. I missed out on the opportunity to blog about the 2008 NCAA Tourney! Selection Sunday and the first round of the tourney easily rivals Super Bowl Sunday for me. The reason being, basically because it is one thing that actually lives up to the hype, unlike most Super Bowls. Perhaps advertisers should pay to run their ads during the tournament instead? I digress...on to the predictions!

(7) West Virginia vs. (3) Xavier
WVU has already done some work by eliminating the Dukies, in which I congratulate the Mountaineers. HOWEVER, I am an A-10 Guy (aside from my obvious Maryland ACC Bias) and I don't see the X men losing this one. Where did WV come from this season? Joe Alexander is a good Big East player, but Xavier has a balanced attack and may be the quietest #3 seed in a while.
Advantage - Xavier

(4) Washington State vs. (1) North Carolina
I don't think much needs to be said about this contest. UNC will most likely win this game by about 12-14 points. To be honest, I don't know much about Washington State, another under the radar team, who comes from the Pac10. WSU has some nice players and will probably keep it close in the 1st half, but in the end Ellington, Lawson, and Hansborough carry the Heels to the next round.
Advantage - UNC

(3) Louisville vs. (2) Tennessee
This should be the game of the night. Louisville has really put together a run in the second half of the season and ever since Pitino rocked that white suit in a white out game, the Cards are looking legit. One of my other favorite college coaches, Bruce Pearl is on the other sideline with a run and gun style offense and the Volunteers. There is some injury concern with Tennessee guard Chris Lofton and will need some solid play from forwards Wayne Chism and Tyler Smith. The Cards will rely on center David Padgett, but in the end I'm gonna volunteer (HA HA HA)to go with Bruce Pearl.
Advantage - Tennessee

(12) Western Kentucky vs. (1) UCLA
UCLA. 'nuff Said. I do not see an upset brewing in this matchup. I will give the Hilltoppers credit, they do have one of the best mascots in all of sports with big red. Love, Collison and Westbrook will all be to much for the 'Toppers.
Advantage - UCLA

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