Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A look into the NBA Playoffs

With the 1st round approaching it's conclusion and half of the series already in the books, I figured it was time to take a look at the NBA.

So far we have the Magic, Lakers, Spurs, and Hornets all moving to the 2nd round. The Cavs are up on the Wiz 3-1, Pistons up on Sixers 3-2, Jazz up 3-2 on the Rockets, and the Hawks and Celtics tied up at 2 games apiece.

I can't say that I predicted all 4 of the teams that have advanced to advance, but I will say that I am not completely shocked. The Magic and the Lakers were the obvious ones. But let's take a look at the Spurs-Suns series for a moment. Honestly, I think Game 1 WAS the series. When Phoenix could not seal the deal in San Antonio and set the tone(io) for the series, PHX was toast. There have been reports that Mike D'Antoni will not be back next season, but nothing official.

I have to say that I finally am a believer in the New Orleans Hornets. The series between the Hornets and Spurs should be very intriuging as these teams are vastly similiar. And for my money, Chris Paul should be the NBA MVP. I know the playoffs do not count towards voting, but Paul is the Hornets, flat out.

Observations on the teams and series still taking place...

-Wiz/Cavs - This seriously has been extremely entertaining with all the off the court jive and chatter. From Soulja Boy being at games to calling Lebron overrated, what more could you ask for? Perhaps a 2-2 series and a potential 7 game series. One thing I have learned from this is that you don't taunt Lebron, every time this year a fan or opposing player has taken a shot at the King, because he usually responds well. (On the side, if you haven't heard Haywood respond to Lebron and the hard fouls, I recommend going to and clicking on the video link titled: Wizards: Brendan Haywood responds to LeBron James--4/28)

-Celts/Hawks - The only thing I really want to touch on here is that I think it's ridiculous that Kevin Garnett was not suspened for the elbow he threw on ZAZA and his shoving of the referee in Game 4. If I were the 2007 Suns, I would be furious about this decision to not suspend anyone from that incident. Some people are suggesting conspiracy in hopes of a Boston-LA Finals...I may or may not be one of them...

-Sixers/Pistons - SUrprisingly this has been one of the more entertaining series and balanced. However, I think Mr. Momentum shifted in the second half of game 4 when the Pistons came out of the half and erased a 10 point 2nd half deficit to take Game 4 and eventually Game 5 at home. If Iguodala can come out hot in game 6, then we may be looking at a Game 7, if not...adios sixers.

In a post in the near future I am planning on touching on Coaches in the NBA. Are they getting shafted?

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