Sunday, November 4, 2007

Andy Reid

As it stands the Cowboys are up 38-10 on the Eagles right in the 4th quarter, I am going to have to chip in my 3 cents on the Andy Reid situation.

"A Montgomery County (Pa.) judge who sentenced two sons of Eagles coach Andy Reid to jail yesterday described the Reid house as a "drug emporium" and directly rebuked both parents, saying, "I have some real difficulty with the structure in which these two boys live." Reid and his wife, Tammy, showed little emotion as Judge Steven T. O'Neill sentenced Garrett and Britt Reid to jail - for up to 23 months - in a six-hour session and capped months of drama for the family and, by extension, the Eagles organization."

November 2, Philadelphia Inquirer

So ever since last season ended, it has been trouble, trouble, and more trouble for the two sons of Coach Reid. This past week, both kids were sentenced to terms in jail. The judge even went as far as to say that Reid was the owner of a "drug-emporium". How much you can blame that on Andy Reid is debatable. Coaching today in all sports is a year long commitment, and it gets to the point that these guys are barely home. It's tough to put this on Andy Reid because he is in such a demanding job.

Andy took a leave of absence last Spring and had thought that he straightened some things out in his life. But the problems just kept coming. If I were Andy Reid, I think you need to take a leave of absence. Clearly, the Eagles should not fire Reid because he has been so successful for the city and team and these would be unfair conditions for him to fired upon. The Eagles have looked very flat way to often this season, especially tonight against the hated cowboys on primetime TV, there is no excuse for that. The offense has looked very dull to often this season as well.

Andy Reid's head could not be completely focused on the Eagles, and there is no reason to not blame him. My recommendation for Andy is to take some time off for the season and get things straightened out.

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