Sunday, November 4, 2007

T.O./Roy Williams

With only a few hours left til the Sunday Night matchup of the NFC East rival Eagles and Cowboys, I figured I would chime in a bit on some of the words going back and forth between the teams.

First let me start with Donovan McNabb's comments. Mc5 said that anyone thinking about winning the NFC East division title is going to have to go through Philadelphia. According to the Dallas News, Roy WIlliams responded by saying, "Right now, they are in no position to talk about everything going through Philly", basing this off of the Eagles 3 - 4 record this season. Roy, last time I checked the Eagles have won the NFC East 5 out of the last 6 seasons, with the Giants winning the other year. So Roy, I think that Donovan has some just justification in those statements until of course someone else wins the NFC East.

Now on to everyone's favorite, Terrell Owens...

In the San Antonio Express on Friday, TO came out firing saying, "It's so evident that ever since I left nothing's been going right there."

Excuse me, Mr. Owens but if nothing has been going right in Philly since you left, then why did the Eagles win the division last year? Why did the Eagles win one more game in the playoffs than you did? Oh and by the way not sure how much of Dallas' success can be attributed to you because you did in fact lead the league in drops last season. But I would be disrespectful if I didn't say thanks for helping with the Super Bowl run. But not so much thanks for becoming the biggest nuisance in the NFL.

EDIT: Well the Eagles have come up a bit lame tonight...YIKES

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