Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A quick comment

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"Disgraced basketball referee Tim Donaghy told investigators in the NBA betting probe that relationships among officials, coaches and players "affected the outcome of games," his attorney said." (this according to espn.com, and I'm sure multiple other media outlets). So, Mr. Donaghy has come out and said that he did indeed alter and affect the outcomes of games that he did indeed officiate. My initial thought, that's disgusting. In a time where scandals are running rampant through sports, some bigger than others, I was hoping that this whole Donaghy thing would sort of disappear. When you have Spygate annoying the football community and steroids not only being linked to baseball but other Olympic athletes, and not to mention the recruiting scandals taking place in college sports (i.e. Kelvin Sampson, OJ Mayo, Reggie Bush, etc.), the sporting world and fanbase is flat out getting tired of it.

Could this be a case of Donaghy singing like a canary to try and lessen his punishment or is he indeed saying the truth? The case is set for July 14th while facing maximum 25 years in prison.

What do you make of the Donaghy situation? Do you believe what he is saying?

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