Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tim Dierkes Interview

Tim Dierkes, of, was kind enough to answer a few questions for myself for posting pleasure. So please do indulge and digest...

1. Interleague play is about to kick off, what are your overall thoughts of it? What is the best series this weekend?

I don't mind it. I think it's more for the kids though. At least, I was much more excited back in '97 when I was 15, seeing the Cubs play the White Sox in real games for the first time. I will vote for Mets/Yankees for this weekend, the whole Johan thing is intriguing.

2. About a quarter of the way through the season, Chipper Jones is hitting .418 so far, is it foolish to consider Jones a legitimate contender at .400 this season?

Kind of...the odds are terribly strong against him doing this. Although thinking about the odds takes the fun out of it. I would love to see it.

3. A recent trend in baseball has been to sign young players through their arbitration years, a la Ryan Braun, Scott Kazmir, Troy Tulowitzki, what are the benefits and drawbacks of this new trend?

The benefit is saving many millions of dollars and gaining cost certainty. The drawback is the fairly small risk of the player busting a la Eric Hinske or Angel Berroa.

4. President Bush said he would build his expansion team with Roy Halladay and Chase Utley, who would be your franchise pitcher and hitter?

My knee-jerk reaction was A-Rod or Pujols for the hitter. But considering Utley's age and position I will agree with Bush's pick. I would choose Brandon Webb as the franchise pitcher. He's young, durable, dominant.

5. What big names, in say 2 months from now, will be the hot names tossed around to be traded at the deadline?

A.J. Burnett, Kevin Millwood, Jon Rauch, Ken Griffey Jr., Adam Dunn, Jason Bay, Xavier Nady, Garrett Atkins, Matt Holliday.

Thanks to Tim for his time and do comment below with some of your answers on the opinions.

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Anonymous said...

Tim said, on MLB Trade Rumors," I forgot, at the time, that Albert Pujols is actually younger than Chase Utley."