Friday, July 4, 2008

Interview with Tim Dierkes!

Tim Dierkes, the creator of one of my favorite websites to check routinely, was good enough to answer a few questions for me and your viewing pleasure.

Eric: What should the Phillies do with Brett Myers? Should they look bullpen, trade, DFA, or keep him in Lehigh Valley?

Tim Dierkes: Keep him in the minors. They are fortunate that he accepted the assignment. With his velocity down I'd be hesitant to move him to the pen.

E: Who will be the next manager to be fired this season? Which managers are on the hot seat?

TD: It is not something I follow closely, to be honest. Cecil Cooper seems like the one remaining possibility to be dismissed.

E: Are we looking at a possible postseason without both the Mets and Yankees?

TD: It's definitely looking that way. Is that a bad thing?

E: You have bases loaded, bottom of the 9th, 7th game of the World Series and 2 outs, which current closer are you handing the ball to to seal the deal?

TD: I would go with Jonathan Papelbon. Need a guy with good control.

E: Which NL/AL combo has the best overall teams? Los Angeles (Dodgers, Angels), New York (Mets/Yankees), Chicago (Cubs/White Sox), or the Sunshine State (Rays/Marlins)?

TD: I have to take the Cubs/Sox on this one. I am a little biased, seeing both teams every day.

Good stuff by Tim as always.

I wanna know your answers to the questions. I'm gonna have to say K-Rod at the end of the game, the electricity he brings into a game to shut it down is simply stunning.

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And a HAPPY 4th of July!

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