Saturday, January 19, 2008

AFC Conference Championship Matchup


INITIAL THOUGHT: With Philip Rivers questionable, Antonio Gates hobble and LT leaving last week's game early this game could get ugly quickly and the Pats could be on their way to another Super Bowl appearance.

SECOND THOUGHT: Perhaps if Billy Volek does start and play it could make for one of those historic backup with some ability takes over and surprises people.

X-FACTOR: Philip Rivers if he plays for San Diego, if he does not then Antonio Cromartie and how many turnovers he can cause. For New England, Laurence Maroney, if he can get going in the cold weather it could be a long day for SD.

KEY MATCHUP: The San Diego Receivers vs. The New England Secondary: If the Chargers can get a passing game going then it could be a tough game, if not it could be rough.

PREDICTION: Patriots - 24 Chargers - 21

FINAL THOUGHT: Let's be honest the Patriots are a machine, and not to mention undefeated. I think it will be a closer game, but the Pats pull out in the end at home in the cold.

I'll be back with an NFC Conference Championship Preview...

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