Friday, January 18, 2008

A few videos worthy of posting...


For everyone out there, especially Eagles, 49ers, and Ravens fans (basically teams T.O. has burned in the past) and basically fans of the NFL, here is an epic video of proportions for you to enjoy. After the Giants did everyone a favor and showed how much of fraud Wade Phillips is.

My favorite quote is, "I've always had a great relationship with my quarterback..." PLEASE ask Jeff Garcia and Donovan McNabb about that comment....PLEASE! Hell even ask Drew Bledsoe, who TO was ready to throw under the bus quickly when he wanted Tony out there at Q.

Oh yeah, if Hillary Clinton appeared stronger and more passionate because of her crying performance after winning the projections in New Hampshire, perhaps T.O. will look more passionate as an athlete after this display.

Moving on to my second NEW favorite video...


This video is pure genius and it definitely earned a vote from me for Chris Bosh into the All-star game. It will be almost impossible to surpass Lebron and KG to become a starter, but averaging 21.7 ppg and 9.3 rpg, I think he is worthy of an all star nod.

A few other issues of note...

* The Baltimore Ravens hired Eagles secondary and former special teams coach John Harbaugh as the successor to Brian Billick. Interesting hire here to say the least. I have personally seen what Harbaugh can do as he has been with the Eagles organization for a bit of time and I have been impressed with his talents there, however I am not quite sure how this will translate into a head coaching position. It's definitely a gamble for Baltimore and it may pay off going with a youthful coach, IF they are committed to rebuilding in key positions with youth at QB and WR among others.

* Even though the Celtics has slipped up a bit lately, I am beginning to retrack my thoughts on the Celtics not making it to the Finals (and yes since this is my blog, I can change my mind!). KG is one of the most unselfish players in NBA, and it can be said that Pierce and Allen are unselfish as well. They are getting what they need from Rajon Rondo at point and James Posey and Eddie House are the type of role players this team should be content with. My only question about the Celts is if they need a veteran point guard to backup Rondo and step up if he ever becomes hurt. Free Agent PG Gary Payton anyone?

*There are only two remaining coaching vacancies left in the NFL, the Washington Redskins and Atlanta Falcons. Obviously, the Falcons job is not very attractive and with Jason Garrett, Tony Sparano (no no not Tony Soprano) and Pete Carroll essentially out of the picture, I'm not really sure where the Falcons should look next. They better look away from any old timers such as Marty Schottenheimer and avoid knuckleheads like Mike Tice. They need a whole new attitude in there, but perhaps a GM should be hired first. Now for the Redskins, a prediction would be for them to go out there and hire some flashy name like Steve Spurrier or someone from history like Joe Gibbs, but when it comes down to it they were a playoff team, so they should go with someone who could build on the current team and not change the whole team philosophy. The solution: Gregg Williams. P.S. Norm Chow is available and I think a good offensive mind (Dolphins? Ravens? Falcons?)

* Sunday's Conference Championship games should be a lot of fun, not only for the team matchups but for the potential of the weather conditions in both games. I will check back in with predictions before kickoffs.

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