Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I come from a Land Down Under

G'day mates:

Well Australia has been a ridiculous trip and explaining it wouldn't do it justice. I did however attend a Cricket test match between India and Australia in Sydney. Apparently a feud was developing between the teams over "racial" issues which made the match even more entertaining. The Indian squad was accused of using racial slurs against one of the Aussie players, who ended being one of their better players, in my opinion at least for what it is worth.

I went in not really understanding any of the rules and guidelines for the sport, but found myself quickly learning on the go. The thing that stuck out the most for me was that macthes can last 5 days! I attended Day 5 of the match and was there for over 3 hours and the whole time only India was up to bat. Definitely an experience and a recommendation for anyone who has a chance to experience a different sport. I, however, will continue blogging on sports most closely related to U.S. Sports.

Once I overcome this jetlag...I will be sure to discuss some of the hot topics in sports today.

...til next time


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