Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The NFL: Thug?

A mere three years ago, the National Basketball Association was considered the hip hop sport where many of its athletes were considered thugs and many people lost interest in the NBA because of its image. Incidents such as the brawl at the palace between the Pacers and the Pistons, the character of Dennis Rodman, continuous rap albums released, and the antics of Allen Iverson helped give birth to this image of the NBA.

However, I would I like propose that the NFL has since taken over the throne as the sport and league in which athletes and criminals have become synonyms. Sure the NBA still has its issues, Carmelo receiving a DUI, Tim Donaghy, and still more Ron Artest. But ever since the NBA and David Stern instituted the dress code prior to the 2005 regular season, the Association was literally and figuratively attempted to clean up the league and has done a pretty good job doing so.
My proposal: The NFL is the new NBA (a la late 90's/early 2000's).

Sure, ever since Roger Goodell took over the commissioner position in the NFL he has imposed a tougher and harsher penalty on players and off the field issues, however I would argue that the amount of off the field antics has not decreased in the slightest. I recently found an article from an Atlanta based website, that lists 17 players in the NFL who have been arrested in the past year.

  1. Cedric Benson - Chicago Bears (boating while intoxicated; resisting arrest)
  2. Ahmad Brooks - Cincinnati Bengals (assault for punching woman in the face)
  3. Charles Grant - New Orleans Saints (involuntary manslaughter)
  4. James Harrison - Pittsburgh Steelers (simple assault, criminal mischief after domestic altercation with girlfriend)
  5. Chris Henry - Cincinnati Bengals (misdemeanor assault, property damage for punching a teen in the face and breaking a car window with a beer bottle)
  6. Adam "Pacman" Jones - Tennessee Titans (now with Dallas Cowboys) (speeding -- on the heels of multiple charges of assault and vandalism charges)
  7. Kenyatta Jones - New England Patriots (now with AFL's Tampa Bay Storm) (battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest after urinating on the dance floor of a nightclub)
  8. Nick Kaczur - New England Patriots (illegal purchase of OxyContin)
  9. Kenton Keith - Indianapolis Colts (disorderly conduct, resisting law enforcement for refusing to leave a nightclub's parking lot)
  10. Marshawn Lynch - Buffalo Bills (hit and run)
  11. Bryant McKinnie - Minnesota Vikings (felony aggravated battery stemming from a bar fight)
  12. Roscoe Parris - Buffalo Bills (DUI)
  13. Lofa Tatupu - Seattle Seahawks (DUI)
  14. Michael Vick - Atlanta Falcons (federal dogfighting, conspiracy charges)
  15. Fabian Washington - Oakland Raiders (domestic battery)
  16. Cedric Wilson - Pittsburgh Steelers (slapping his girlfriend)
  17. Kenny Wright - Cleveland Browns (unlawful restraint, evading arrest, multiple charges of marijuana possession)

To add to this list ...

18. J.J. Arrington - Arizona Cardinals (disorderly conduct)

19. Ahmad Bradshaw - New York Giants (30-days in jail after probation violation)

20. Jevon Kearse - Tennessee Titans (DUI)

At least 20 different players arrested within the last year and that does not include multiple charges or Marvin Harrison and his whole fiasco! This is just ONE YEAR! It's ridiculous.
Do not get me wrong, the NBA still has its own bad boy image, but to be honest I am getting sick and tired of hearing about an NFL arrest every other day it seems like. Yes, it is a good move for Jerry Jones and the Cowboys to look after Pacman and basically assign him babysitters to make sure he stays out of trouble, the man obviously has a way of finding trouble and needs the help to stay out of it. But come on, Babysitters!? These are grown men, they should be able to police themselves a little bit and avoid situations that can get them in trouble with the law and the league.

What are your thoughts on the current state of the NFL and its image and the players continuing to pile of the trouble?

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Ramy said...

Ray Lewis should be on this list.